Hi, all, I am the owner of Girlie Blog Seattle, and I write about beauty, fashion, and enjoying life in Seattle. I am so honored that Melissa asked me to guest post. I love reading her blog because it brightens my day. Today, I am writing about types of people to “unfriend” on Facebook. I know this is a somewhat controversial topic, and you might have opinions to express, but please keep comments cordial.
The Narcissist
Have you ever seen someone so perfect? She has the perfect man who never argues with her, perfect friends who’ll do anything for her, a perfect job that she loves, perfectly good looks that every girl is jealous of and the perfect life she feels everyone should want. Her pictures have perfectly practiced poses, with perfectly styled outfits. Every wall post is either an achievement – implicitly stated or subtly implied – or some kind of sentimental reminder about her beautiful life.

The Ghost
You were friends, or even best buds, back in high school. You have lost touch until Facebook connected you. Now that you’ve “friended” each other and caught up, you have seized communication again for the past two years. Don’t worry. You won’t miss each other. If you have lived a good life since high school, without your “ghost” friend, you’ll live a good life still.

The Gossip Columnist
You ask her, “What’s going on?” She tells you what’s going on with everyone else. None of the information seems significant or has trustworthy resources. In fact, your conversations with her always revolves around someone else’s business, and she seems way too interested in talking about them, for no reason at all.

The User
The user has no shame. He invites you to a party across town, but expects a ride, because he has no car. If you don’t offer him a ride, he’ll tell all your common friends about how sorry he is to miss out, right in front of you, until you offer him a ride. He has guilt-ed you into giving him a ride numerous times, but never offers gas, or coffee or some type of nice gesture so you wouldn’t feel used.

The One-Upper
You tell her that you have been busy. She tells you that she’s much busier, even though she calls you up Friday nights and talks your ears off until you fall asleep on the phone. Then she’ll call you up next Friday night, strategically on her way to dinner and reminds you again that she’s busy.

The Promise Breaker
He has been asking you to meet up for months, but bails out every time you plan something. He tells you that he’ll take you out for your birthday. But when the check comes -- and you offer to pay for yourself to be nice -- he’ll gladly let you. He tells you that he’ll do nice things for you, but then drops off the face of the earth.

Your boss
If you don’t want someone to see old college photos of you flipping off the camera, chugging beer or doing anything “fun,” unfriend. Better yet, don’t add them in the first place.

What do you think of this list? Anything you would add? Delete? Are you selective about who you friend on Facebook? :)

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