A letter in a bottle, so that you can always keep in touch, no matter how busy your lives get, $16. (Note: You could also pen a sweet note to your crush!).
A personalized sterling silver fortune cookie necklace (the cookie is folded out of thin sterling silver, with the hand-stamped message hidden at the clasp), $76.
A collection of Shakespeare's Love Sonnets because, well, let's face it, he was the original Casanova and the ultimate romantic, $18.95.
A magnolia-scented candle to bring spring a little early, $30 (and a rose scent...).
Ban.do's heart tote, so she can carry Valentine's Day love with her all year, $20.
A funny card to make her smile and for when you two decide to rename Valentine's Day as Single Ladies Banding Together Day, $3 (more funny cards here).
Nine cupcakes topped with icing hearts (and with the promise of not judging her if they're gone by the end of the day...), $59.95.
A temporary tattoo to show her tough side, $5.
An individual or couples self portrait to hang in the living room and admire for years, $80 for individual and $160 for couples.
A Fandango date to see The Vow because you know Rachel McAdams is secretly her girl crush, $25.
The classic staple, with a twist: A hanging plant ($29.99) or a bouquet of white lillies and mums, $44.95.

What about you, friends? What tops your Valentine's Day list? xoxo

P.S. Look for a gift guide for him tomorrow! :)


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