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Do you remember your dreams?
Dreams are a funny thing, aren't they? They can seem so real and powerful when we're having them. They can be dreamy and magical and fantastical and whimsical -- almost like a fairytale come to life. And yet, they can also resemble nightmares, full of ghosts and ghouls so scary that you wake up screaming and shaking.

I've had both types of dreams. While I don't always remember the specific parts of my dreams, I always know if they're good or bad, usually as I'm dreaming (spooking, huh?). What I find really interesting, though, is how my disability figures into these dreams -- or, well, how it doesn't fit into them. I'm never in a wheelchair in my dreams. Ever. In fact, I don't even notice the absence of my wheelchair. I was just going about my normal life.
My mom once told me about a dream she had where we were in a giant park. It must have been the summer because we were surrounded by green grass, and it was a beautiful, clear day. In the distance, she saw me running. I was free. Nothing was holding me back. I wasn't disabled. I wasn't in a wheelchair. I was just running and laughing. I could tell the dream was pretty bittersweet for her, which it was for me too, but it sure made me think.

I'm still undecided as to whether dreams have psychological meaning. I was only a few classes short of a psychology minor in college, so I like to think I know a bit about the human mind (the sexiest body part, remember...?), and I sometimes wonder if we're not trying to work things out in our dreams. Was my mother trying to come to terms with my disability when she dreamed of me running?
What about you, friends? Do certain themes tend to repeat themselves in your dreams? Do you think dreams have deeper meaning? Or do we just read too much into them? What was your last dream? Was it scary? Let's chat! xoxo

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