Confession: Growing up, I had the best of both world. All my surgeries and hospital stays turned me into the utmost, uber-chic city gal. My senses took it all in. The tall buildings that stretched across the horizon. The classic Chicago smell – a mixture of pollution and whiffs of nearby Lake Michigan. The sound of a car honk in the distance or the music of a street performer. And the hoards of people rushing -- always rushing -- to their jobs, iPhones firmly in hand. I loved the hustle and bustle the big, expansive city had to offer.
But I also loved the calming quiet retreat awaiting me at home -- in a small town amidst the cornfields and far removed from the city. Summer picnics. A rocking chair on the front porch. A glass of tall lemonade perched on the wooden table. The sounds of the country and the ears of corn blowing in the wind sweeping over the field. Seeing for miles in the distance.
What about you, friends? Are you a city mouse or a country mouse? What do you like about the city? The country? Do you think it's possible for someone to be both? xoxo

[First two photos by Virginia Gálvez, bottom graphic via The Color]


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