Friends, a little fact about me: When springtime rolls around, I tend to get a little case of wedding fever. So, I was so happy when I got the chance to interview the lovely folks behind Wedding Favors recently. With everything from personalized wedding favors to bridal shower favors, I want to reach through the screen and plan a wedding. Read on for the inside scoop...

P.S. Look for a little surprise gift for So About What I Said... readers at the end of the interview! :)

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So tell me a bit about Wedding Favors.
We have been in the wedding industry since 2004. We strive to provide brides with quality favors and also keep up with trends. Brides can use a unique tool we developed called the Favor Finder. This helps brides narrow thousands of favors down to just the ones that fit their price, color, season and event.

What inspired you to start it?
We felt there was a need in the wedding industry to provide quality favors with great service. We knew we could offer both and still keep competitive prices.

What's your best piece of advice for people looking for great online shopping deals?
Make sure you can trust the Web sites you are buying from. Do they back their product up? Wedding Favors has an industry-best return policy. We offer full refund plus pay for return shipping back to our warehouse.

In this recession economy, what are some ways people can still look chic for less?
Find what you like and watch for deals or sales.
What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
I would say the chalkboard frosted-glass tealight holder. It is a fairly new favor and is unique to anything else we offer.

**Special Offer: Wedding Favors is offering readers a 15% discount on orders over $69. Use coupon code SHOWER15 at checkout!


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