Monday, 14 July 2014

Flame Princess Cosplay: Dress

Flame Princess Cosplay

In the spirit of Flame Princess I have decided to write this post in orange!

The wig!

So you may have seen my other posts about the wig and its finished pretty much, on the day I will put it on and then style it/mess it up a little more and then smother in more hairspray and starch! Here is the before and after! (Princess Fiona wig £9.99)

The Dress!

As I have an almost perfect dress, I know its a bit of a lighter colour but I have no problem putting my own twist on the characters costume as long as i resemble the person and get a bargain then I am a happy girl. As you can see it went from £28.99-£5 in the bargain bin of a local vintage/retro shop. It is advertised as vintage 80s puffball which isn't strictly true as it is by Pussycat London which I don't believe was around in the 1980's for £5 I am not too bothered and its a 14 and fits...get in!

The plan!

The dress its self in my eyes is perfect because its puffball and flows out a little like fire the only problem in the small black mesh embellishments on the waist and bust area of the bodice. I was looking for ribbon in reds and oranges but after visiting a haberdasheries I realised ribbon can be pricey especially when i can pick up £1 vintage scarfs for a fraction on the price of a few lengths of ribbon.

I will take these scarfs and someone cut up and sew on to cover the black and give the dress more of a fire/flame feel to it. I think the colours go really well with the dress its self, I was rather lucky to stumble across these scarfs today while having a mini thrift.  

The make-up!

As for the rest of the costume I have ordered tights and long gloves so I don't need to paint a huge amount of my body. I plan on using the rest of the wig hair to decorate a small fabric bag so it looks like a little fire ball in my hand!

I will be filming a trial run of my make up soon and I will also film a great ready with me video on the night I will share those videos here and also write a post about both. 

Have a good week!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Flame princess cosplay: wig almost finished

Hey again so soon!

So yesterday I posted what I wanted to do with my wig but today I had a moment of madness! So I cut the bangs and my mum said how nice it looked that short so I cut it into a rough bob as flame princess has had that hair cut. With the left over hair I decided to back brush and mess it up as much as possible then I pinned it to the top of the wig shaped it and then I hairsprayed and starch sprayed it and I love the out come. Also my body paint arrived today and I love that too :)

See you again soon!



Monday, 7 July 2014

Flame princess cosplay: wig so far

Hey guys
So it's been a little while again but I've been super busy, distracted and happy. I have a wonderful knew boyfriend that I've been seeing as much as possible these last few weeks! He is my plus one to a fancy dress night out for 2 friends birthdays I'm going as Flame Princess Adventure Time and he will be going as Marshall Lee Adventure Time. I will be sharing how I make/put together the costume with you guys on here and some videos will be made for my channel also. This is a wig sneak peek it's a work on progress. Basically all I did was separate the bangs at the front and pinned in place then I pinned along the bottom of the wig at the back of my head to keep in place get someone to help here so none of your natural hair is showing I will be wearing a wig cap when I can find mine. Then make a ponytail and twist a little pin this to the back of the head lightly higher then the first lost. Follow the pony tail up and flatten on to the head and pin again slightly higher then the last lot this should basically be at the top of your head I want to say it's the crown but Im not 100% sure. There I held a top on the head pony tail into place just with my hand for now, this is as far as I have gotten I plan to back brush hair spray and possibly find something to pin and glue to the very top of the wig in the shape of flame princesses flame quiff as I like to call it I am for now stumped as what to use but will soon be back with another update.

I started off by the way with this Princess Fiona wig:

All I did (on advice from a shop lady in a local fancy dress shop called U NEED US) was undo the plat and then I began messing around with what looked and felt right!

Hope you enjoyed my little post



Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hayleythrills: Black Tied Necklace

Hey guys,

This is my newest video hope you enjoy!

I am fully in love with my necklace from I probably will wear it non stop forever!

So just was just a quickie for you

Monday, 16 June 2014

Michael Jordan, Adventure Time and 1950's housewives

Hey guys! :)

For the longest time, I'm talking since I was a kid I have been a thrifter/hoarder/collector but I never really had a set idea or thing that I focused on. Then I discovered my utter love of owls, my mum has a plaque that hung in the kitchen all through my childhood and it says "some owls are wise and some are otherwise" I used to think it was so cute although it confused me until i understood what the saying meant and I think that's were my love of owls sprang from. I have loads of owl things from ornaments and jewellery to cushions and cuddly toys but I still feel this massive urge to collect other things. I did collect empty perfume bottles as a child and I bought a vintage channel one when I was around 11 or 12 but my house seems to eat things and go knows where it is now :( Then I decided to keep every little thing ever in a "memory box" and I have two in the loft sometimes when I am feeling sentimental I climb up there and sit amongst my childhood toys and books and go through my memories. Now I have been obsessed with Michael Jordan for the longest time! I bought two basketball trading cards on Etsy yesterday and a my mum kindly got me a SWOOSH phone case on amazon last night it wasn't until then that I realised I have a small collection of MJ memorabilia if you will. I have two large MJ plastic cups that my friend from London bought me randomly got me from vintage charity shop in the city, a vintage MJ t shirt that I picked up in Rokit in Camden Town London and now of course the two gradings cards. When I said small collection I meant it but I got to start somewhere.

I am proud of my little collection so far I mean whenever I get an opportunity I take a photo!

These are the photos I have taken of my t-shirt and cups so far, I am pulling a sad face in the last one because because it was our last day in London last time I visited. I am planning a 23 tattoo as well which either makes me a bit of a fangirl or a complete twat either way it excites me so much. The cards and phone case have not arrived yet but here's the pictures for you anyway.

I love my new purchases!! but there is still something missing I have this massive desire to collect a whole number of things and I think this could work out a very expensive hobby of mine. I really need to get down the car boot sales more often me thinks. I think recently this has all stemmed from my new favourite YouTube gal Nerdburger she is hella cool and so bright and cheerful, she loves most of the things I do like adventure time, 80's and 90's stuff like toys and films etc, teenage mutant ninja turtles, Rufio from hook (who she is actually meeting soon) she is making a rad cosplay costume which I love it gives me such inspiration for my costume for Halloween which will either be PB or LSP from adventure time (and for those of you out there yet to discover this awesome cartoon that's Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess). Talking of adventure time my amazing mum came home with a treat for me yesterday and I literally squealed with excitement.

I love my mum like 10 times more now she got me this coolest mum ever award!!

The last lot of naughty online spending was on books which wasn't all that naughty because for three books the price was most definitely right! I want to stay in more rather than going and killing my brain cells! What better way to spend my time at home then reading a good old book oh and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix because I have finished Orange is the new black for a while, omg I love both of these shows! So between episodes or even seasons I can read a book, to be quite honest I don't think I really needed anymore books but my shelves feel a little bare since I cleared out a quite a few old or unwanted books recently. 

I chose these books because I liked what I read in the little synopsis bit and yes I did judge a book by its cover a little. I also want to start introducing new and different things to my blog. I was thinking go doing monthly book reviews and I also what to start writing letters/sending art etc to pen pals and featuring what I send and receive on my blog. I will also start doing thrift swaps via my YouTube channel which is but I have no interest from other thrifters yet! I started the ball rolling for a vintage/thrift finds shop on but I haven't opened the store just yet. I am also dabbling in film photography and learning to sew. I think all my creative juices are flowing with extra oomph at the moment. 

It seems right to leave on a fashion/thrift one. I bought an amazing late 1970's early 1980's pure wool hat which I think is a version of a porkpie hat (if you know what kind of hat it is please leave a comment). I found it at a local market stool that I have never seen before which I think is a pop up shop for charity. 

I am also going to a 1950's birthday night out on 25th June and my costume is a 1950's housewife I had the dress and apron already but I needed shoes so I popped into my favourite charity shop and found a pair straight away they might not be 100% perfect for the costume but for £1 I couldn't pass them up I won't share a picture with you as I will be filming a get ready with me video for my channel and writing a post with lots of pictures for both here and tumblr so keep your peepers peeled! 

Have a Great week!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I played 20 questions with Project Catwalk's Vivienne Whelan

20 questions for

Vivienne Whelan is a bespoke fashion designer from Warwickshire with a passion for women's wear and one off unique creations, you may recognise her from Sky One's Project Catwalk. I am a fan of Vivienne's and I am very lucky to have been able to interview her for my blog!!

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do?

                    I design & make "one off" ladies occasion and evening wear also some hats and fascinators.

What has life been like for you since Project Catwalk? 

After the initial surreal time I had doing Project Catwalk in 2008 had settled down, I wondered how I could best use the experiences I'd had. Whilst obviously I had a great deal of television exposure and people where aware of me and what I was able to do, I had no industry experience and didn't feel that I would be taken seriously if I applied for work within the world of  fashion design, instead I decided to dip a  toe into the water and have a go on my own so I had a website designed.

Can you describe your time on the show in three words?

                                                                                 Out of body!

Are you still in touch with anyone you met during your time there? 

Yes, I have the means to contact through social media with pretty much everyone although I'm not in contact with anyone regularly. I did meet up with Katy (O'Grady) last year we spent an afternoon together catching up which was fun. 

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion, to me is about an expression of who I am, I rarely decide in advance what I'm going to wear, I let my mood dictate it on a daily basis. 

How would you describe your own personal style? 

My personal style I'd say is glamorous, I always wear makeup, I favour a vintage inspired look, pencil skirts, wiggle dresses, Capri pants, heels. My mantra is - you only get one chance to make a first impression. 

What are your favourite current trends?

My favourite current trends, probably pastels ...

What was your biggest fashion no-no of all time?

Biggest fashion no no .... Hmmm there have probably been 100's ! I think it took until I was much older to realise not every trend suits everybody. Probably wearing 3pairs of shoulder pads at once in the 80's. Cringe!

What was the first item of clothing you ever made?

First item of clothing I made was a dirndl skirt at school, age 9.

Who is your favourite designer?

My favourite designer. John Galliano when he was at Dior, although I do also really like Zac Posen and Alexis Mabille.

Do you have a favourite model? if so then who?

I don't have a favourite "known" model. 

Where do you like to shop in person and online?

High street shops, I struggle to buy things that fit in styles I like so I find clothes shopping a nightmare. I make a lot for myself. I do occasionally look in Topshop, Zara, M&S and French Connection. I like Selfridges, they have lots of choice and their stores have a great ambiance. Online shopping, sometimes, nowhere specific but I have used Next. 

Do you ever go thrifting AKA charity shopping?

Yes I love to look in charity shops , you never know what gem you may find.

Can you name some of your favourite fashion magazines or books?

I have stopped buying magazines regularly . I used to buy so many that they were taking over the house. I might sometimes indulge in Vogue or occasionally Grazia or Look.

What is your favourite fabric to work with?

My favourite fabric is whatever takes my eye, I prefer silks and cottons over man made but if it's something with a fabulous print then I really don't mind what it is.

Do you have a pallet of favourite colours?

Favourite colours are anything bright and strong generally, scarlet red and bubblegum pink. Something that makes a bold statement!
What do you like best about designing and making clothes?

I love when I've made something for someone seeing their face when they put it on, knowing they feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, recently I've made some hats, one of them inspired by bees gathering pollen. Another was inspired by crimes of passion! Both very different.

What are some of your fashion goals?

Fashion goals, currently I do everything myself, I suppose I'd like to have a studio away from home to be creative in and have others work with me. 

What advice would you give to an aspiring designer?

My advice to an aspiring designer would be, gain practical experience, sew, make things, you never stop learning, there's always something new to know whatever field you're in. Oh, and follow your dreams. 

I love every single answer from Vivienne here and I have to agree that High Street shopping can be tough and yes...follow your dreams!! I would like to now share some images of Vivienne's wonderful designs with you all now!

Images are courtesy of

Pop on to her website to check out her wonderful bespoke designs 

I hope you enjoyed my first interview!