When Melissa asked me to write a few words for her Valentine's love column, I gladly agreed. Then I spent the next week hemming and hawing about what to write. I couldn’t think of anything that would be “Valentine worthy.” But, then I got to thinking: Isn’t a marriage that lasted almost 25 years and produced two beautiful children enough to call it a love story? And, isn’t a marriage where my husband rubbed my back every single night for those 25 years enough for a love story? What about the memories I carry close to my heart, even today, almost 9 years after his death? All the days spent in the hospital with Melissa during her 26 surgeries ought to qualify us for some sort of place in the annals of devotion! Being able to be with Brian every single day for 4 months during his cancer treatment was indeed a gift for our marriage. Even the ordinary days were special when we were together. There was always laughter in our home and hearts. Even today, long after I ceased being a wife, I can feel him with me every day. I guess ours is a Valentine-worthy love story after all! Happy Valentine’s Day, Brian.

--By Sharon, mother of the blogger


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