Today's question is more of a series of questions from Sarah of Yes and Yes. She recently asked me half a dozen questions for her interview series, and I thought you'd like a little peek at my answers, friends. Here are the first three questions. Look for the other three next week. xoxo
Can you tell us a bit about your disability?
I was born with Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, a bone and muscular disorder. I've had about 26 surgeries to correct my bones and joints. Despite my disability, I've lead a pretty normal life: Graduated from college with a degree in journalism and now working as an adviser for a college newspaper. I enjoy getting young people excited about journalism and writing.

How does your disability affect your dating life?
Of anything in my life, my disability has affected my dating life the most. I'm usually a pretty self-confident person, but when it comes to dating, I've always been a bit self-conscious. I often worry that guys won't be able to see past my disability.

Tell us about your dream guy!
Oh, definitely someone who can make me laugh. Laughter is one of the most important things in life, and any guy with a sense of humor has my heart. I'm also a romantic at heart, so I love guys who are romantic and charming. My family mean the world to me, and you know a guy is a keeper if he's close with his family.

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