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What are your top 3 favorite blogs?
Here's a mind-boggling question: What did we do before we had blogs? It's hard to imagine now, but just a few years ago, our worlds were completely different. We didn't know the words blog, blogging or blogosphere. We couldn't wrap our heads around the idea that we could hit publish, and within 10 minutes, our words could be read by people halfway around the world. And now, actually, we can't imagine our lives without these blogs. There are millions of blogs on millions of subjects -- everything from lifestyle blogs to mommy blogs to health blogs to entertainment blogs -- and we all read blogs for millions of different reasons. But, don't we all have a few favorites that we keep coming back to? Here are my top 3 favorite blogs...
Dancing Branflakes: Tiffany is such an inspiration and one of those genuinely sweet people who you feel like you could spill your secrets to. Plus, she posts the most mouth-watering recipes. Oh, and she let me guest post for her today too.
exPress-o: I've been reading Diana's blog for a few years now, and I love how she always has something new and interesting to share. And I love how she weaves her life into each post too. Bright, Bold & Beautiful: Laura has a way of injecting life and vibrancy into every post. I come away from her blog feeling inspired, from her design posts to her Etsy finds.
Now it's your turn, friends: What are your favorite blogs? Which ones do you visit regularly? What do you like about them? What keep you going back? xoxo

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