Happy Friday, friends! What are you up to this weekend? This week felt like a might whirlwind, so I'm planning on laying low and catching up on some blog reading. What blogs do you read? Any favorites? Hope you all have a relaxing weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Jane Austen is here to save your love life!

Amen, Chris Evans.

Blue jean, baby... (more here)

Beautiful blue interiors.

Happy birthday to the zipper!

How amazing is this birth announcement?

Yay or nay: The frayed look.

This high schooler was banned from her prom because she didn't have a date. Whaaaat?

Don't you love this photo shoot?

Ana's blog tips are top-notch. Thanks, Ana!

Strike a pose...VOGUE!

You shouldn't steal your best friend or cousin's favorite name and other baby-name rules.

Did you see the Shuttle Enterprise fly over New York?

Congrats, Sarah Michelle Gellar!

New ways to wear a T-shirt.

Ellen does a dramatic reading of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Real couples share their long engagement stories.

Who hasn't felt this way?

I'd love to stay in this new New York hotel, wouldn't you?

Yay or nay: Colored denim for men...

[Photo by Chelsea Fuss]


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