Oh, you Internet...how I love and hate you so. I occasionally work from home, and while I like the certain amount of freedom that it brings, I sometimes find myself getting distracted. It's so tempting to quickly log on to Facebook or pick up a magazine for 10 minutes, and before you now it, an hour has passed. So, instead of working in my room -- with its many temptations, like alphabetizing my CDs or watching Dr. Phil or reading the latest issue of Glamour and saying it was in the name of research for work -- I've started to take my laptop and sit at the kitchen table. It surprisingly cuts down on those distractions. And then I discovered these illustrations by artist Lizzy Stewart (remember her musings on the quarter-life crisis?)...
Do you work from home? What has helped you stay focused? What tips do you have for others? Do you take short breaks? Head to Starbucks? Sing along to Pandora? (I do...)! xoxo

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[Top graph via I Love Charts]


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