We've ooohed and ahhhed over engagement rings for women, but remember my wise words so long ago, friends?

There is nothing sexier than a man wearing a wedding ring. So, with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite wedding ring finds for the gents! Some of them are quite unique...

*Twisted band, $600.
*Concave wedding band, $530.
*Foxy ring (because he's such a fox...), $220.
*Hammered gold ripple ring, $115.
*Hammered gold ring, $625.
*Belt ring, $860.
*Rope band, $150.
*Fingerprint wedding band, $225.
*Gold wedding band, $200.

What do you think, friends? If you're married, what does your husband's ring look like? Did you pick it out? Did you personalize it by having it inscribed? Or did you opt for a classic wedding band? xoxo


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