Happy Friday, friends! I hope you enjoy all the baby talk this week -- I love doing theme weeks every now and then, so please email me (mellow1422 [at] aol), Tweet me or leave a comment on So About What I Said's Facebook page if you've got ideas for future themes.

So, do you have anything exciting planned this weekend? We're getting together with some family friends tomorrow, and then on Sunday, I'm going to see my mom sing in our church's choir. I always feel like one of those proud parents when I see her up there singing -- isn't it funny how the parent/child roles are reversed sometimes?

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

I love these 10 bizarre TV theme songs (Frasier, anyone...).

Beautiful breakfast nooks.

Here are the 10 hardest-working towns in America, according to PARADE.

First, there was the peek-a-boo umbrella. Now, there's the hands-free umbrella!

Do you have these types of photos in your wedding album?

Wow, a four-year-old genius!

Hey, '90s children: Remember Lisa Frank?

How adorable are these cups?

A pretty rainbow ring.

The first-ever IKEA wedding!

I'm loving Rachel's spring/summer catalog, aren't you?

Gorgeous hand-painted walls.

Lisa makes such wonderful handbags.

The evolution of rock concerts.

Logos with a secret meaning.

This guy kept a detailed spreadsheet of all the women he dated. Thoughts?

What do you worry about on a first date?

It's official: I'm such a sucker for pillows.

Yay or nay: Jon Hamm with a beard?

Dick Clark's first-ever top 10 from 1963. Thanks for the rockin' memories!

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[Photo via wit + delight]


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