Friends, I'm happy to introduce one of So About What I Said's new sponsors. I recently interviewed Jess of Sunglasses Shop and got the inside scoop on all things sunglasses. I hope you enjoy! xoxo

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So tell me a bit about The Sunglasses Shop
Sunglasses Shop is the home of designer sunglasses. We're global now too. We have over 100 of the world's favorite fashion brands and the best names in performance eye wear. We also have a team dedicated to bringing our customers the latest news, views and trends and celebrity style from around the world. People come for our sunglasses but always end up staying for tea. We believe there is a pair of sunglasses for everyone. And getting the best pair for your lifestyle is the most important thing otherwise whatever you pay is a waste of money.
What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
We have so many products, it's virtually impossible to pick a favorite. It changes every season too. But Chanel and Oliver Peoples have been really popular here for some time - we like the celebrity DNA that comes with OP and Chanel. Oakley are always amazing with their innovation - truly amazing - and of course, there's Ray-Ban Wayfarer.


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