Friends, it's finally winter here in the Midwest (the snow is whirling outside my window right now!), so let's daydream about weddings today, shall we? I can count on one hand the number of weddings I've been to; I'm sure there are a couple I'm forgetting, but the number of weddings I can remember attending is under five. My oldest cousin got married when I was 16, and since she and her fiance (my cousin-in-law?) both have a large family, it was one of those big affairs, complete with a reception in a sprawling dining room.

A few years later, I attended another cousin's wedding. This one, a quaint affair set against the backdrop of summer in upstate New York, was decidedly smaller, made up close friends and family. And when one of my oldest and dearest friends got married, she and her husband decided to forgo a traditional wedding altogether. Instead, they opted for a short ceremony at the courthouse with a few family members, and then invited friends and family to a backyard reception on a warm July day.
And my parents' wedding? Well, from the stories I've heard and the photos I've seen, their wedding was even smaller still -- it was held at the church my mom attended growing up, and they invited less than 100 people to both the wedding and reception.

So, friends, I'd love to know: Which one do you prefer? Did you have a huge wedding, inviting everyone from your mom to the school nurse from elementary school, or did you keep it small, only inviting very close friends and family? Do you like going to large weddings or more intimate ones? xoxo

P.S. Funny wedding comic!

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