Yesterday, I shared some then-and-now photos from my college newspaper days -- with zero shame, might I add. Well, last week, while my aunt was visiting my grandfather, they emailed us the top photo. That's my grandfather and his three brothers in 1935 (my grandfather is on the upper left), and I love that little smirk on his face. From all the stories I've heard over the years, he and his brothers were quite the rowdy bunch when they lived in Chicago growing up -- smoking at 9-years-old, swimming in Lake Michigan, never doing their homework. My poor great-grandmother!
And speaking of my great-grandmother, here she is in a family shot taken years later, once my grandparents were married and had their first daughter. My great-grandmother is the second from the left in the middle row, and my grandmother, holding my aunt, is the second from the left in the bottom row.

Do you have multi-generational photos like this in your home, friends? xoxo

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