Please note: I can make no guarantee as to the coherence of this post. My fever was topping out at 100.3 when I wrote it. Oh, and I was coughing like I'd personally endorsed Lucky Strike a la Mad Men...
Ack! The evil flu still has me tightly wrapped in its web, friends. The last few days haven't been pretty. At all. But I have managed to come up with a list of things that have at least made me scream out in agony just a little bit less....
Vicks to get more through those long nights of coughing; Gatorade to make sure I'm keeping up with my fluid intake (the blue flavor is my favorite); Reruns of Glee, even if I can't sing along to the musical numbers; chicken noodle soup because it's the ultimate comfort food; and Kleenex for my ever-running nose!

So, friends, now it's your turn: What makes you feel better when you're sick? A family tradition passed down from generation to generation? A favorite book? A favorite movie? Hope you're staying well this season! xoxo

[Top graphic via Someecards, bottom graphic made by me]


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