I'm never shy about telling people I think I'm beautiful. I'm never shy about telling people I'm going to be a star one day (I even practice my autograph from time to time, but that's probably more than you ever needed to know). And of course, I'm not at all shy about telling people that I know what's right for them. All the time.

Yet the scary truth: Sometimes, I don't know if I believe those statements.

They say a confident, bold outer you will produce a glowing, radiant inner you. I've been thinking a lot about that lately. Some people, like my father, for instance, are confident. And that confidence is genuine. You can just tell by the way they walk, talk and generally carry themselves. It really is a sight to behold, actually. It's not arrogance, the things they say about themselves; it's just a quiet, ever-humble assertion that they are content and happy with who they are and where they are in life.
Confidence can be a tricky thing, can't it? As easy as it can be to get it, it can just as easy blow away like the wind. And sometimes, we can feel ourselves getting scared that it will never come back.

So maybe we should just all stop looking for that key of confidence. Let it come to us naturally, in its own time and in its own special form? What do you think, friends? What are you secrets to killer confidence? What do you do when you need a dose of I Am Awesome? xoxo

[Photos via Le Love]


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