Today would have been Dr. Seuss's 108th birthday. The creative mind behind some of our childhood favorites could rhyme with the best of them and had a way of making stories pop off the page. A few that are especially near and dear to my heart...
My mom used to The Cat In The Hat to my sister and me in that sing-songy rhythm that never failed to calm me down and make me sleepy.
My kindergarten class performed Green Eggs And Ham, complete with, yes, green eggs. My 6-year-old self was just a wee bit scared.
When my sister was struggling a few years ago, I bought her Oh, The Places You'll Go to remind her that no matter what she ever thinks, she's a strong woman who is, indeed, going places.
Will you also be seeing The Lorax, which also comes out today, friends? Thank you for all the memories, Dr. Seuss!

What's your Seuss story, friends? Do you have a favorite book? Did you read certain ones over and over as a child? What did you like about them? xoxo

P.S. Get in the Seuss spirit with these awesome quotes!

[Top graphic via Babble]


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