Industry and commerce can not go up to us all the time. This is a lot of competition in the market is good cinema. We backwards. 2014 films released in the 10 let us see the underprivileged.

10. Manjunath: That's how powerful people in this world to go in the net of corruption is hostage to traders, it showed through his cinematic Sandip Bhomra. Oil traders Manjunath Shanmuga's tru story of murder came up with this movie.

9. Fugly: Some young people, promoting the social contradiction of the comeback story of Kabir Sadanand these efforts could be a new 'Rang De Basanti' could give birth. But in the end it did not happen. However, the film is a good initiative to say the movie's statement.

8. Bobby Jasoos: Appeared in front of the camera as the one before the movie's release, vidya Balan was startled audience. Many of the year's most awaited movie list was 'Bobby Jasoos'. The film has been released, but it failed to meet the expectations of the audience.

7. Revolver Rani: After 'Queen' film everyone was waiting Kangana Ranaut next film. But the excellent performances of different types of innovation, in spite of the screenplay and the story of the speech, 'Revolver Rani' could not win the hearts of audiences. To many, a bit more revolutionary thought this movie.

6. Amit Sahni Ki List: Ajay Vua directed this romantic comedy film actor Vir Das acting superb. Simple story of light such as the one described in a love movie critics.

5. Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami: Ravindra Gautam has developed the story of the film, a young man and his father in a public servant. According to the father's last wish to arrange for him to leave the state to honor the child. Black comedy has acted in this film Anupam Kher and Neha Dhupia.

4. Sulemani Keeda: The films of two young playwrights come to test their luck in Bollywood bitter sweet experience has highlighted the 'Sulemani Keeda'. Offbeat style made these films starring Amrita Rao and newcomer Naveen Kasturiya. Amita Masoorkar is the film director.

3. Children of War: Built in 1971 in the context of the Indian box-office movie, did not survive long. Newcomer director Mrittunjoy Debobrata the movie however has been hailed by critics. Many of the Steven Spielberg classic movie 'Shindlars List' compared with Children of War Bangladeshi movie.

2. Ankhon Dekhi: 50 years of one man and his extended family story came Rajat Kapoor movie Ankhon Dekhi. Many critics said, the indian middle-class, middle-aged man with his life will find its match. Besides acting, the film was directed by Rajat Kapoor.

1. Ugly: 'Gangs of Wassypur' star maker Anurag Kashyap wear this suspense thrillers involving human degradation and tragic story of the fragile human. Cannes Film Festival, the first film in 2013 is shown. Big Star hear you, not glitz item song despite his strong statement, but it's nice to see the claims of performance management and the crew could be 'Ugly'.


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