Bangladeshi film actress and model Naznin Akter Happy rejecting bail for Bangladesh National Cricketer and World Cup squad Rubel Hossain has jailed. Metropolitan Magistrate Mohammad Anwar Sadat gave the order. From December last year to become the talk of the Country actress Happy filed this lawsuit against Rubel Hossain. Happy although this is quite a familiar face in the National team Rubel? At the height of the discussion around. Buying storm in a tea cup. Happy to go back a bit to learn about.
In 2013 Saiful Rahman Manik directed 'Kichu Asha Kichu Bhalobasha' in the film actress debuted. Some ads have already part in Bagerhat this girl. Now the whole family in a house in a residential area in the city of Rupnagar. Happy last year have passed HSC class. A private university admission expected to be soon. Bagerhat born this girl from her childhood dream to become the heroine. Mind, imagine herself as the heroine. As a little girl, her family comes to preventing religious journey. Dance and music from an early age learned to ignore all the deficiencies. Learn to understand the movie, she sees the Bengali cinema. But her parents did not like.
In particular, Moushumi, Shabnoor played in the movie role she loved both actress. By acting on their desire to become the heroine of the film forming her. The motion of the chariot will come to Saiful Rahman Manik. 'Kichu Asha Kichu Bhalobasha' the film is debut.
Actress Naznin Akter Hapy starred in the film with Ovi. this film was released in 2013 and central role played Moushumi, Shabnur and Ferdous. In the meantime, Badrul Amin directed 'Realman' movie shooting, dubbing ends are now waiting for the release. Staying out of the discussion of this actress has become the talk of the country. Featured Unhappy incidents actress Happy surrounding are questions. Especially since it was refused bail Rubel Hossain Happy against it in the comments of various social media storm. Completed with the momentum of the number of comments. Now she's more mentally tough. Because the court has made the right decision. Rubel sent to jail. In this case, but She see little hope. She know many people are blaming her. Rubel fans especially. But the question is, if they were her place? Some say love, why did it before? Nothing does not prevent the emotional, she was so true. Society such events happening everyday. Many people do not dare to reveal the rich son. she gave a little courage.
Actress Happy's lawyer Tuhin Howladar frost said, rejecting bail Rubel was sent to jail. This is the right decision of the court. Understand the importance of the decision of the court complaint. In addition, if such an accused on bail, could affect the investigation officer. Even the defense witnesses to show fear. We have reason to oppose bail Rubel.

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