Bangladeshi's upcoming romantic movie "Prothom Dekha" for the the first time the central starring newcomer actress Meghla. In contrast to the film directed by Ahmed Ali Mondol and starring with opposite actor Mamnoon Hassan Emon.
in 2013 is one of the film 'Ami Shudhu Cheyechi Tomay' film side to be played Meghla. Now she playing the role of the main actress.
Actress Meghla said, the film is now thinking about. Has to offer quite a few films. I'm thinking about the story and the character, I did not create the story and character. The character seems easier for me, I was thinking about that character.
Meghla says, Now do not want to experiment with the character. But I want to play the role of all types. Romantic style, as well as action, social all of my interest in the movie.
Mostly however, "Prothom Dekha" appeared in the movie story of two Bengali student studying at a University abroad was rotated with the love of reading. Their love story stands stops by their families. Emon and the creation of a new complexity in the contrast.
"Prothom Dekha", in addition to the contract with Meghla in 'First Love' films. In contrast to this film directed by Saiful Islam Anik amazon acting newcomer Imran Hossain. Imran in London expatriate Bengali films through the movie to start.
The film "Prothom Dekha" will be shooting in various locations in South Africa and Thailand.

Some beautiful and glamour images of the actress, which touches heart. Actress and model Meghla Mukta's these images are the latest photo shoots.


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