The actress offensive to create posters to spread into the film as producers, alleging threat general diary GD was filed. The actress Rumana Islam Neer was GD at Ramna Police Station on December 31. will soon be filed with the charges, she said on her Facebook account.
Anwar Shiraji's film actress Neer was claim that, I said I'd rather deal with the main actress. But see the movie set, giving priority to another actress Monica. When the director objected, saying the producer does not matter where the priority given to stop the movie.

Actress Nir says, During the shooting of the movie producers have indicated more offensive to me. Latest on the FDC was bad words directly to me while shooting, which I was very insulting. I could not control myself, producers face shoes sit down.
Nir claim, the day after the incident and went to the office to see the Nir in Kakrail office. its sudden movie poster of a girl offensive actress Neer in the face covers have been given to this film scandalous appears.
Producers are constantly threatened alleged that the actress.


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