Reality TV show India's Raw Star's final episode in December Bollywood actress and model Gauhar was presentation and a audience Mohammad Akil Malik slapped her cheeks and make very fuss. Akil Malik recently claimed, Gauhar Khan's cheeks slapped moments whole event was stage. The drama was arranged just for propaganda. Not only that, actress Gauhar Khan gave him a bribe for sapping. However, Akil's speech dismissed as unfounded the demand Gauhar Khan says. She also says Akil is a big liar.

In the last year December month India's Raw Star reality TV show final episode shooting stage a visitors to bump up the stage from the queue based upon Gauhar Khan cheeks who is a Mohammad Akil Malik. Gauhar is Muslim woman with minimal attire in front of the TV hit slapped says Akil. After the incident he caught by the show's security guard. After th Indian Penal Code 323, 354, and 506 of the suit was launched. Akil were arrested.


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