This is the 'Lulia Vantur', which has a close relationship with Salman Khan. Indian media has been rumored for quite a while on. This 'Lulia Vantur' attendance at Salman Khan sister Arpita Khan's wedding ceremony which is the complicated Faluknama Palace in Hyderabad.

Romanian TV star Lulia Vantur with Bollywood stylish and dashing actor Salman Khan's relationship goes back to new growing up. Recently actress Lulia to return home after the visa has expired. Visa extension could ultimately be successful without much romp Salman Khan. However, having overstayed a visa to India from Romania Lulia again return to Mumbai. Romanian actress Lulia debut in Bollywood music item song "O Teri" get the chance to take part in an item song movie actress. She has a responsibility to establish Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Salman Khan's sister Arpita marriage complete in November where this item girl Lulia was attendance there and mostly seen as culpable. Thus, the signal to signal, eye contact with Lulia-Salman introduced as current lover.
Salman sister Arpita marriage is at all time Lulia attend intimacy. So that Salman sister wedding receptions near a five star hotel he rent a flat for Lulia.
Salman Khan's 49th birthday on December 7. Despite intense interest surrounding the celebration of the birthday of actor Lulia meet the wishes of the way off now. this year's birthday will probably have to play without Lulia Vantur.


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