Bollywood horror film makers made a matter of time now. Bollywood horror film that was made earlier. But for quite some time, so to speak, 'Horror Story' 'Raaz' out of the picture since the audience after a tinge. So now the best achievements in the horror film in Bollywood. As a picture of the Alone.

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover acting Alone Hindi horror film built before the record of the release. Just 48 hours after the release of the movie trailers on Youtube that showed 20 million visitors. No horror film in Bollywood was not doing before well. The most frequently seen in the horror movie trailers on YouTube, in the shortest time Alone as a record marking of all time Bollywood horror listed of films.
YouTube Alone movie trailers, as well as the widespread popularity of the audience liked it a lot. After watching the trailer like 95% of the audience member. Recently, a newspaper reported.
Alone film starring Bipasha Basu pairs begin twin sister. Story can be seen in the film., two sisters after the death of one of the mysterious phantom occur in the trunk. Bhushan Patel directed the film will be released in the new year on January 16.


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