Bollywood today's era of love is just a game of love. True love does not have the slightest say. Laili-Majnu the time period, such as Shirin-Farhad twins can not be captured in the love of people. He will be tried to the point of failure. Bollywood's Hrithik-Kangana now in love, maybe it does not have this love after two days.

For several days, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut with 'Krrish' star Hrithik Roshan is rumored love. The Indian media reported. Meanwhile, the recent Twitter account Hrithik said that, it's ridiculous to him so that he is not going to be pretty angry.
Hrithik wrote on his Twitter, 'Cover Story. That's great. It is so ridiculous that I can not breathe. Who has written and published the news, they imagine what state do you live? I think this rumor around me pay the price alone. But I do not give any value. Rather than spreading rumors in the press, and those being small."
In December Thirteen year marriage Hrithik ended with her ex wife Suzanne Khan. The 'Bang Bang' film with co-actress Katrina Kaif with Hrithik evidence is reported. The 'Kites' and 'Krrish 3' film actress Kangana Ranaut is rumored love with Hrithik. 'Kites' was released in 2010 and the film 'Krrish 3' was released in November last year. Hrithik-Kangana couple are friendly relationship for seven days, but their love for the first time reported.
Yet others felt that their love will last longer. One day they could go broke.


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