Must be she deserves number one position in Google dot com searches. And whether or not it be better to model, she is now the proud people of Bangladesh. As a man, she's not so bad, much worse in the media. However, it does not matter. She will go forward.

Google search was expanded from Bangladesh are often at the top of the model in Bangladesh Naila Nayem. The whole world was ranked fifth as a Naila. The top ten are: 1. Jennifer Lawrence, 2. Robin Williams, 3. Suchitra Sen, 4. Lionel Messi, 5. Naila Nayem, 6. Amrita Arora Khan, 7. Kriti Sanon, 8. Akhi Alamgir, 9. Arpita Khan and 10. Neymar D'Silva.

BD model Naila Nayem said at the fact that is was totally unexpected for me. There was a lot of the people I love. But when I realized that people love so much that they had to Google if officially.
She said the award of any other people on earth can not be given the award for an artist. Google said it and evidence that the number one position, I have come to love the people.
Naila Nayem said, people used to tell me I'm a trend setter or a promoter of new trends. But I do not think I'm something new. I thought of all the other working models or actresses. I love people so much opportunity to me, when I heard the evidence of Google's report came in my hands.
Naila told her fans, please pray for me, I would have done something like this before release. I can not meet the expectations of the fans and love what the coming days hold.


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